Prof Yi Cui studies nanoscale phenomena and their applications broadly defined. Research Interests: Nanocrystal and nanowire synthesis and self-assembly, electron transfer and transport in nanomaterials and at the nanointerface, nanoscale electronic and photonic devices, batteries, solar cells, microbial fuel cells, water filters and chemical and biological sensors.


Honours since 2014:

2016 MRS Fellow

2015 MRS Fred Kavli Distinguished Lectureship in Nanoscience

2015 Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry

2015 Small Young Innovator Awards

2015 Resonate Award for Sustainability

2015 Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers Award for Young Scientist

2015 Inaugural Schlumberger Chemistry Lectureship, University of Cambridge

2014 Top 10 World Changing Ideas for His Work on Batteries to Capture Low-Grade Waste Heat, Scientific American

2014 Ranked No. 1 Worldwide "Hottest Researchers of Today" in Materials Science (Thomas Reuters)

2014 Closs Lectureship, University of Chicago

2014 Bau Family Awards in Inorganic Chemistry

2014 Inaugural Nano Energy Award Winner

2014 Blavatnik National Award Finalist