Dr Amiralian is an Advance Queensland Research Fellow of Nanomaterials Engineering at The University of Queensland, Australia. The focus of her work is processing and structure-property performance of novel materials, renewable-based polymers and nanocomposites. Dr Amiralian obtained her PhD in Nanomaterials Engineering from the Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology/ The University of Queensland, (2014). During her PhD, she discovered and patented a unique high-quality cellulose nanofibre from spinifex, an Australian native arid grass, using simpler, cost effective, and more environmentally friendly methods. This patented spinifex-derived cellulose nanofibre technology is now at an early stage of commercialisation and validation for several commercial opportunities including ultra-thin and strong latex membrane for condom and glove applications, compounded rubber, and as a precursor for renewable carbon fibre. In recognition of her contribution to the field of nanomaterials engineering and research excellence, she has received a number of awards including: 2016 Women in Technology Life Sciences and/or Infotech Rising Star Award,  2016 Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology Research Excellence Award, 2015 Theo Murphy Australian Frontiers of Science Award, a Class of 2014 Future Leader. While passionate about fundamental science and engineering, Dr Amiralian is strongly focused on pursuing commercial endeavours associated with the spinifex-derived fibres. She is currently working with industry partners to advance and translate the spinifex nanocellulose technology into products that will benefit the economy.