Peter Hudson is Director of the VCB consortium (Victorian Cancer Biologics) and CSO of AviPep Pty Ltd.  In 2015 he led the VCB through cGMP production of a novel cancer-targeting pegylated Diabody and then completed the first Phase 1 clinical trial in prostate and ovarian cancer using 124-Iodine PET imaging. The diabody platform will now be used to deliver either radionuclide (RIT) or cytotoxic drug (ADC) therapeutic payloads. Peter has strongly supported BioNano innovation during his career in genetic engineering, display-selection technologies and antibody design and development. He has co-authored over 120 publications and 30 patents. Formerly a Chief Research Scientist and Program leader in CSIRO (1990-2008) and Deputy CEO and Scientific Director of the CRC for Diagnostics (1995-2007), Peter also co-founded Evogenix Pty Ltd (2001), Avipep Pty Ltd (2005), CarTherics Pty Ltd (2015) and was Co-chair of HUPO-HAI (Human Proteomics Antibody Initiative) to 2014.  

Peter was elected to the Australian ATSE Academy in 2002, awarded the AMRAD Biotechnology and CSIRO Chairman’s Medals (1997) and appointed the inaugural Adjunct Professor in Biochemistry, La Trobe University, in 1995 He is currently an Adjunct Professor in AIBN (Aust Inst of Bioengineering and Nanotechnogy, University of Queensland) and a Hon.Fellow of Monash University.   Peter chaired the four AntibOZ International conventions (2002-2010) and founded Diantron Biomed Pty Ltd in 2012. He was also Director for BD&Commercialisation in the AIBL Alzheimer’s Disease cluster and the CRC for Mental Health (2009-2012).