Dr. Con Panousis completed his PhD in Biochemistry at La Trobe University in 1997. He then moved to the Austin Research Institute where his research focussed on the development of antibody immunoconjugates using cytotoxic drugs and radionuclides for the diagnosis and treatment of human cancers. In 1998, he accepted a position at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research where he worked on the engineering and testing of recombinant antibodies as cancer therapeutics. In 2002, he joined CSL as a Project Leader and worked on a number of recombinant antibody projects. In 2004, he moved into the CSL Research Department and is currently Director of Antibody Technologies. His group is responsible for the discovery and optimisation of therapeutic antibody and protein candidates for use in the prevention and/or treatment of serious human disease.
Dr. Panousis is an honorary Senior Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne.