Susie Nilsson received her Ph.D. in hemopoiesis from Melbourne University. She was made an adjunct Professor at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia in 2016, joining ARMI in 2013 and a Senior Research Fellow in Pathology at Melbourne University in 2003. In 2009 she was appointed a Group Leader at CSIRO and an OCE Science Leader in 2014. The specific goal of her laboratory is to understand hemopoiesis and therefore begin to address the changes and their effects in hemopoietic disease. She has focused much of her independent research career establishing models to identify where HSC reside in the BM, the cellular and extracellular components in that microenvironment as well as the mechanisms through which these regulate HSC fate. She is a highly regarded member of the international HSC field. Professor Nilsson is the author of 81 publications with >4800 citations, including 3 with > 435 and 18 with >100. Her contributions have led > 70 invited, keynote and plenary lectures at academic institutions (national and international) and conferences (national and international). She is currently an associate editor of Experimental Hematology and the International Journal of hematology.