The poster session for ICBNI 2017 will be held on Tuesday the 26th at 6pm

Poster Number Author Title Theme
1 Axayacatl Gonzalez –Garcia Engineering Escherichia coli for the production of Propionic Acid through the Wood-Werkman Cycle Biotechnologies
2 Camila A. Orellana Improving tetanus toxoid vaccine production Biotechnologies
3 Fanny Blaudez Harnessing the native extracellular matrix for Periodontal Tissue Engineering Biotechnologies
4 Henry de Malmanche Improving the Productivity of the Insect Cell/Baculovirus Expression Vector System via CRISP/Cas9 Engineering  Biotechnologies
5 Hossam Tayeb Engineering site-specific bioconjugation to a biosurfactant for improved stability in biological applications Biotechnologies
6 Huw Hayman Zumpe Metabolic engineering and genetic tool development for production of agricultural chemicals using photosynthetic microbial platforms Biotechnologies
7 Irene Reto Active Targeting of PEGylated Nanomedicines with Bispecific Antibodies for Prostate Cancer Therapy Biotechnologies
8 Katelyn Richard An analysis of systems that modify red blood cell antigens and their role in red blood cell maturation, lifespan and disease resistance.  Biotechnologies
9 Zhenling Cui Combining Sense and Nonsense Codon Reassignment for Site-Selective Protein Modification with Unnatural Amino Acids Biotechnologies
10 Naghmeh Abbasi  The mechanical properties and cell cultural response of melt electrospun scaffolds with controlled offset and gradient pore size  Biotechnologies
11 Nicholas Cowie Increasing toxin production in Clostridium tetani using machine learning Biotechnologies
12 Renato de Souza Pinto Lemgruber Quantitative analysis of tetrahydrofolate metabolites from the acetogen Clostridium autoethanogenum Biotechnologies
13 Verónica Martínez  Exploiting the Modular Topology of E. coli Genome Scale Reconstruction Biotechnologies
14 Vishnuvardhan Mahamkali Construction of system level kinetic model for gas fermenting acetogen clostridium autoethanogenum Biotechnologies
15 Chao Zhang Amorphous Phosphorus Filled Graphene Paper for Ultrastable Sodium-Ion Energy Storage Energy & Environment
16 Donya Ramimoghadam Hydrogen adsorption behaviour in post-synthetic modification of a network polymer of intrinsic microporosity Energy & Environment
17 Federica Cavalli  A novel strategy for precision network formation based on para-fluoro thiol ligation  Energy & Environment
18 Jordan Pennells Assessing the effect of environmental conditions on the properties of Spinifex-derived nanomaterials Energy & Environment
19 Joseph Fernando  Pt-Au-ZnO Hybrid Nanoparticles: An Efficient Photocatalyst for Environmental Applications  Energy & Environment
20 Khadija Alsabawi Kinetic enhancement of the sorption properties of MgH2 with the additive titanium isopropoxide Energy & Environment
21 Peng Chen Mixed-dimensional halide perovskite solar cells with enhanced moisture stability Energy & Environment
22 Renwu Zhou Synergistic Effect of Atmospheric-pressure Plasma and TiO2 Photocatalysis on Inactivation of Escherichia coli Cells in Aqueous Media Energy & Environment
23 Wandit Ahlawat MONPs as potential adsorbent for removal of toxic dyes Energy & Environment
24 Xiaobo Zhu High-power High-energy Li-ion full batteries using pseudocapacitive Na2Ti3O7 nanotubes as advanced anode materials Energy & Environment
25 Ye Won Bae Synthesis of polymer coated iron oxide nanoparticles as gas hydrate inhibitor Energy & Environment
26 Yuxiang Hu Tin Sulfide as Novel Electrode Material for Rechargeable Aluminum Battery Energy & Environment
27 Dongmei Cui Coordination Polymerization of Renewable 3-Methylenecyclopentene with Rare-Earth Metal Precursors Energy & Environment
28 Hyoung-Joon Jin Pyroprotein-based Carbon Nanoplates for Sodium-ion Storage Energy & Environment
29 Angel Tan Biomimetic Microengineered Vessels Coupled with Advanced Analytics for Bio-Nano Research Fundamentals of Nanobio
30 Benoit Maisonneuve Light patterning of hydrogels and peptides in microfluidic devices Fundamentals of Nanobio
31 Diego Estupinan Advanced Synthetic Avenues to Fluorescent Polymer-Based Networks for NMR Spectroscopy Fundamentals of Nanobio
32 Isabela Monteiro Long term cytotoxic effects of polystyrene-block-polyethylene oxide Fundamentals of Nanobio
33 Jiamin Chang The development of Dye-Sensitized Upconversion Nanoparticle: Design, Preparation and Applications Fundamentals of Nanobio
34 Mengxue Li Antibacterial effect of Nano Zinc layered double hydroxide to bacterial cells Fundamentals of Nanobio
35 Petri Turunen Watching Catalytic Single-Chain Polymeric Nanoparticles at Work Fundamentals of Nanobio
36 Roland Kerr Overlooked Aspects of Magnetofectin Design and Assessment Fundamentals of Nanobio
37 Yiran An Assembly of Protein Doughnuts on Nanoscale Surface Arrays Fundamentals of Nanobio
38 Abbas Farahani Fluorinated Aromatic Capping Groups in Short peptide Hydrogels Nanomedicine
39 Alison Tasker Metal Microcapsules For Actively Triggered Localised Drug Delivery Nanomedicine
40 Caterina Brighi Remodelling of tumour vasculature by targeted nanoparticle delivery in a xenograft model of glioblastoma multiforme Nanomedicine
41 Da Eun Kim Applications of hexanoyl glycol chitosan as an ultra-low cell binding material for 3D cell culture  Nanomedicine
42 Genevieve Duche Using self-assembled peptide hydrogels and liposomes to design a topical drug delivery system Nanomedicine
43 Given Lee Intestinal lymphatic transport of lipids and drugs scales allometrically from preclinical models to human patients Nanomedicine
44 Guanyu Hao Design and Development of Mg(OH) NP-based gene delivery platform Nanomedicine
45 Hyemin Oh In situ cross-linkable thermogel based on methcrylated and thiolated N-acyl glycol chitosan for sustain delivery of insulin Nanomedicine
46 Nur Mohd Nor In-Vitro Cytotoxicity Assessment Of Bismuth (III) Oxide (Bi2O3) As Potential X-Ray Contrast Media Nanomedicine
47 Reshma Nevagi Design and synthesis of nanoparticulate polymer-peptide conjugate vaccines against Group A streptococci (GAS) infection Nanomedicine
48 Vijayan Manoharan  Rapid synthesis of multi-functional block copolymers for gene delivery through single-pot reversible addition fragmentation chain transfer polymerization.  Nanomedicine
49 Wenjie Chen Light enhances endosomal escape and DNA delivery Nanomedicine
50 Yugyeong Kim PEG-DOX conjugate Nanoparticles for Real-time MRI-guided Chemotherapy of Cancer Nanomedicine
51 Yujing Qian Studies of the stability and drug release properties of layered double hydroxide with albumin coating Nanomedicine
52 Zhi Qu Synthesis and characterization of anti-diabetic peptide loaded large pore silica nanoparticles Nanomedicine
53 Michelle Liu Influence of surface coating of gold nanocubes on oxidative stress, mitochondrial injury and autophagy Nanomedicine
54 Abbas Shafiee Endothelial Progenitor Cells Co-cultured with Stromal Cells Undergo a Mesenchymal Transition Which Is NOTCH Signalling Dependent Stem Cells Science and Therapies
55 Andy Lee Synthesizing peptide-conjugated prodrugs that specifically target irradiation-induced drug transporter to eliminate radioresistant breast cancer cells Stem Cells Science and Therapies
56 Cesar Moreno Ageing, metabolic homeostasis, and the brain Stem Cells Science and Therapies
57 Ekaterina V. Nam Synthetic Dendritic Cells Stem Cells Science and Therapies
58 Elizabeth Pharo Developing in vitro lung models to combat emerging respiratory pathogens Stem Cells Science and Therapies
59 Meg L. McFetridge CKD treatment strategy: Self-assembling beta-peptide hydrogels for therapeutic delivery of mesenchymal stem cells  Stem Cells Science and Therapies
60 Mikhail Gavrilov Stress-stiffening materials: tuning the properties Stem Cells Science and Therapies
61 Naatasha Isahak Single addition of an allylamine monomer enables access to end-functionalized RAFT polymers for Native Chemical Ligation Stem Cells Science and Therapies
62 Rebecca Griffiths An immortalized adult human erythroid line facilitates sustainable and scalable generation of functional red cells Stem Cells Science and Therapies
63 Ryan Farr Stem cell platforms for the development of next-generation devices for early diagnosis of viral encephalitis Stem Cells Science and Therapies
64 Nicolas Zaragoza The uracil metabolism in the Tetanus vaccine fermentation process. Industrial Biotechnology