In 2014 ICBNI partnered with the International NanoBio Conference for a joint event called NanoBio Australia.

NanoBio Australia 2014 - Conference Co-chairs

Professor Matt Trau
Dr Keith McLean

Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine Symposium

Professor Justin Cooper-White
Dr David Haylock 
Dr Jerome Werkmeister
A/Professor Ernst Wolvetang

Theoretical and Computational Symposium

Professor Debra Bernhardt 
Professor Amanda Barnard

Vaccines Symposium

Professor Anton Middelberg 
Professor Mark Kendall

Industries of the Future Symposium

Professor Peter Halley
Dr Ian Nisbet         
Dr Thilak Gunatillake

Nanomaterials Symposium

Professor Michael Yu 
Dr Anita Hill

Polymer Symposium

Professor Michael Monteiro
Professor Andrew Whittaker 
Dr San Thang

Synthetic Biology Symposium

Dr Claudia Vickers
Dr Colin Scott

Frontiers in NanoBio Symposium

Professor Matt Trau
Dr Keith McLean

Monday 7 July 2014
  Stream 1: Room 301 Stream 2: Auditorium Stream 3: Room 502
8:00am Conference Registrations
8:45am Conference Opening: Professor Peter Gray, Director, Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, The University of Queensland
9:00am Professor Peter Høj, Vice-Chancellor and President, The University of Queensland
9:10am PLENARY: Professor Leroy Hood,
Institute for Systems Biology, Seattle, USA
Systems Medicine and Proactive P4 Medicine: Transformation of the Healthcare System
  Chair: Professor Matt Trau
  Nanomaterials Frontiers of NanoBio Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine
10:05am Chair: Professor Michael Yu Chair: Dr Keith McLean Chair: Professor Peter Gray
10:10am Dr Anita Hill
Science and Engineering
Materials, mining and minerals focus
Professor Marcus Textor ETH Zürich Switzerland
Microfabricated patterns and arrays to study cell function and drug response in engineered 2D and 3D microenvironments
Professor Paul Simmons
Mesoblast Ltd
MPC: A platform technology for multiple cell therapies
10:30am Dr Patrick Hartley Petroleum and Geothermal Research CSIRO
Petroleum and Geothermal Research
Professor Kyung-Hwa Yoo Yonsei University Korea
Drug-Loaded Gold Plasmonic Nanoparticles for Treatment of Cancer and Rheumatoid Arthritis
Professor Nadia Rosenthal Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute
Monash University
Immune regulation of regeneration
  Chair: Dr Anita Hill Chair: Dr Keith McLean Chair: Professor David Haylock
11:20am Professor Clive Prestidge
Ian Wark Research Institute
University of South Australia
NanoBio Materials that Control Lipase Action and Offer Opportunities for Improved Drug Delivery
Professor Patrick Stayton Molecular Engineering and Sciences Institute The University of Washington USA
Dynamic Nanomaterials for Biologic Drug Delivery and Diagnostics
Professor Peter Gray AIBN The University of Queensland
Enzyme and Inhibitor free sub-culturing of hES cells using thermo-responsive
11:40am Professor Freddy Kleitz Department of Chemistry Université Laval Canada
Functionalization of Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles for Cell Tracking and Drug Delivery Applications
Professor Matthew Brown Diamantina Institute The University of Queensland
Genomics and The Future of Medicine
Professor Simon Cool Agency for Science Technology and Research (A*STAR) Singapore
Glycotherapeutic agents for tissue regeneration
12:00pm Professor Zhuo Wang National Center for Nanoscience and Technology, NCNST (CAS) China
Nanotechnology in Heavy Metal Ions Monitoring and Further Application
Professor Kirill Alexandrov IMB/AIBN The University of Queensland
Synthetic sensing and signal transduction cascades based on artificial autoinhibited proteases
A/Professor Ernst Wolvetang AIBN, The University of Queensland
Human induced pluripotent cells is tools to study neurological diseases
12:20pm LUNCH (1 hour 15 minutes)
  Chair: Chair: Professor Kirill Alexandrov Chair: Dr Jerome Werkmeister
1:35pm Professor Nam-Trung Nguyen Queensland Micro and Nanotechnology Centre
Micro Magnetofluidics –Magnetic Nanoparticles for Wireless Control in Microfluidics
Professor Justin Gooding
The Australian Centre for NanoMedicine
University of New South Wales
Porous silicon for monitoring the levels of matrix metalloproteases released from just a few cells and in vivo
Dr Andrew Laslett
Novel tools for human pluripotent stem cell biology
1:55pm Professor Colin Raston Flinders University
Vortex fluidics organisation of materials
Professor Paul Haddad The University of Tasmania
Charge heterogeneity profiling of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies using monolithic columns and external pH gradient cation-exchange chromatography
A/Professor Christine Wells AIBN The University of Queensland & University of Glasgow Scotland
2:15pm Professor Yiqing Wang Nanjing University China Dr Conor Hogon Institute for Molecular Science La Trobe University
Mobile phone based electrochemiluminescence detection with paper microfluidic sensors
Dr Jose Polo Monash University
Unveiling the reprogramming process
  Chair: Chair: Dr Muhammad Shiddiky Chair: A/Professor Ernst Wolvetang
3:05pm Professor Patrick Perlmutter
Monash University
Supramolecular Self-Assembly of N-Acetyl-Capped Beta-Peptides Leads to Nano-to Macroscale Fibre Formation
Professor Sebastian Schlücker University of Duisburg-Essen Germany
Immuno-SERS microscopy: Immunohistochemistry
for cancer diagnostics using rationally designed metal nanoparticles
Professor David Haylock
Challenges in bio-manufacure of blood cells for transfusion
3:25pm Professor Yong-Gang Yang
Soochow University
Chiral polybissilsesquioxanes prepared through supramolecular templating approaches
Professor Yoon-Bo Shim Institute of Innovative Biophysio Sensor Technology and Department of Chemistry, Pusan National University, South Korea
Introduction to Electrochemical Nanobiosensors for Biomedical Applications
Associate Professor Stephen Wood                                  
Eskitis Institute for Cell and Molecular Therapies
Griffith University
Cytological Profiling: a tool to study Parkinson's (and other complex) disease
3:45pm Professor Peer Schenk
School of Agriculture and Food Sciences QAAFI The University of Queensland Low-cost filtration technology for water purification and separation of oil-in-water emulsions using metal hydroxide hydrate gels
Professor Rik Thompson Institute of Health Biomedical Innovation IHBI
Queensland University of Technology
Future Horizons for Circulating Tumour Cell Research
Professor Jerome Werkmeister CSIRO New developments in the treatment of pelvic organ prolapse – evaluation of new synthetic-biological meshes with endometrial mesenchymal stem cells
4:05pm Dr Charlie Huang Anteo Diagnostics
Generation of multi-functional nanoparticles using nano-linkers
Professor Chris Lowe The University of Cambridge UK
Sensor Technologies for Mobile Healthcare
Professor Martin Lavin UQCCR The University of Queensland
  Chair: Dr Keith McLean
4:25pm PLENARY: Professor Molly Stevens, Imperial College London, UK
Designing materials for regenerative medicine and ultrasensitive biosensing
5:15pm CLOSING


Tuesday 8 July 2014
  Stream 1: Room 301 Stream 2: Auditorium Stream 3: Room 502
9:10am PLENARY: Professor Pam Silver,
Harvard University, USA
Designing Biological Systems
  Chair: Professor Lars Nielsen
10:00am Polymers Industries of the Future  
  Chair: Dr San Thang, CSIRO Entrepreneurship Chair: Dr Ian Nisbet  
10:05am Professor Jan H van Esch
Delft University of Technology
The Netherlands
Out-of-Equilibrium Biomimetic systems by dynamic and dissipative self-assembly
Industries of the Future: Opening Keynote: Professor Leroy Hood, Institute for Systems Biology
A Personal View of Biological Complexity, Paradigm Changes, Systems Biology and Innovation/Company Creation
10:25am Dr Matthew Hill
Control of Physical Aging in Super Glassy Polymer Membranes Without Permeability Loss
  Chair: Professor Michael Monteiro Translation of research into high value outcomes - US examples Chair: Dr Thilak Gunatillake  
11:15am Professor Alan Rowan University of Nijmegen The Netherlands Dr Steve Turner, Founder and CSO of Pacific Biosciences,
The PacBio Story: From Cornell to Silicon Valley
11:35am Professor Nathan Gianneschi
The University of California USA
Biomolecule-Polymer-Amphiphiles for Programming Nanomaterials
and Targeting Tissues
Dr Piotr Grodzinski Director, NCI Alliance for Nanotechnology in Cancer
National Cancer Institute (NCI), National Institutes of Health (NIH)
US NCI Alliance for Nanotechnology in Cancer - Translational Pipeline for Nanotechnology-based Diagnostics and Therapeutics - from Academic Research to Clinical and Commercial Outcomes
11:55am Professor Bert Klumperman Stellenbosch University South Africa
Hetero Bi-Functional Polymer-polypeptide Conjugates
12:15pm LUNCH
  Chair: Professor Andrew Whittaker Creating and building technology-based companies in Australia Chair: Professor Peter Halley  
1:15pm Professor Brian Amsden
Department of Chemical Engineering Queen's University Canada
Influence of Decellularized Adipose Tissue Particle Size Within Chondroitin Sulphate Hydrogels on Adipose-Derived Stem Cells
Associate Professor Jim Patrick
Senior Vice President and the Chief Scientist for Cochlear Ltd
The Cochlear Implant: From Contentious Research to Global Clinical Treatment
ANFF Advanced Fabrication Workshop
1:35pm Dr Laurence Meagher
CSIRO Materials Science and Engineering
Chemically defined surface coatings for cell growth
Professor Darren Martin AIBN The University of Queensland
(30 minute)
1:55pm Professor Dietmar Hutmacher Queensland University of Technology
2:15pm Professor Michael Monteiro AIBN
The University of Queensland
siRNA Delivery using Polymers Nanoparticles
Professor David Lewis Flinders University
  Polymers Industries of the Future Frontiers in NanoBio
  Chair: A/Professor Idriss Blakey Technologies of the future: academia to industry Chair: Chair: Professor Russel Crawford
3:05pm Professor Kazunori Kataoka
University of Tokyo
Targeted Chemo- and Molecular-Therapy by Self-Assembled Supramolecular Nanosystems from Functionalized Block Copolymers
Professor Chris Lowe The University of Cambridge UK
Encouraging Entrepreneurship from an Academic Environment
Professor Joe Shapter Flinders University
Probing Lipid Membrane Responses to Interactions
3:25pm Professor Andrew Whittaker
AIBN, The University of Queensland
Molecular Imaging Agents Responsive to Biological Signals
A/Professor Bronwyn Fox Deakin University
Carbon Nexus: Stimulating Activity in the Carbon Fibre and Composite Industry through Targeted Research
Dr Jeff Way Harvard University USA
Borrowing and Stealing from Nature: Engineering Proteins and Cells for Therapy

Associate Professor Idriss Blakey
AIBN, The University of Queensland
Polymer - gold nanoparticle assemblies as potential biomedical imaging agents

Professor Eric McFarland Dow Centre for Sustainable Engineering Innovation The University of Queensland
Creating technologies relevant to a sustainable future: bottom-up or top-down?
Professor Gang Ruan
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Nanjing University China
Development of a Nano-conveyor Belt Technology Platform for Manipulation and Tracking of Single Cells and Molecules
4:05pm Associate Professor Lisbeth Grondahl
School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences
The University of Queensland
Heparin-modified nano-hydroxyapatite particles for controlled release of BMP-2 and incorporation in PCL scaffolds
Panel Discussssion A/ ProfessorWenlong Cheng Department of Chemical Engineering Monash University
From soft metal-atoms to wearable electronic skin sensors
4:25pm Dr San Thang
Professor James Lai The University of Washington USA
Enabling Clinical Diagnostic Assays via Stimuli-Responsive Reagents
4:45pm PLENARY: Dr Steve Turner, Founder and CSO of Pacific Biosciences
Single Molecule Sequencing of DNA
  Chair: Professor Matthew Brown
5:40pm CLOSING


Wednesday 9 July 2014
  Stream 1: Room 301 Stream 2: Auditorium Stream 3: Room 502
9:00am PLENARY: Professor Virgil Percec
University of Pennsylvania
9:50am Frontiers in NanoBio Vaccines Theoretical and Computational
  Chair: Professor Magnus Nyden Chair: Professor Mark Kendall Chair: Professor Debra Bernhardt
9:55am A/Professor Michelle Gee The University of Melbourne Professor Ian Frazer AC
Translational Research Institute
A/Professor Jorge H Rodríguez Purdue University USA
Post-SDFT and Semiempirical Studies of Metalloprotein Catalytic Cycles and ATP-Protein Interactions in the Extremophilic Bacterium Deinococcus Radiodurans
10:15am Professor Russell Crawford
Swinbourne University of Technology
New Antibacterial Surfaces: Biomimetic Black-silicon with Dragonfly Wing Nanostructures
Dr Indresh Srivastava
Protein Sciences Corporation
A/Professor Tiffany Walsh Deakin University
Strategies for generating versatile peptide-mediated nanoparticle assemblies in 3-D: Combining Modelling and Experiment
10:35am Dr Yan Yan The University of Melbourne
A Cellular Journey of Nanoporous Polymer Particles
Professor Istvan Toth SCMB
The University of Queensland
Dendrites for peptide vaccine delivery

Professor Alan Mark SCMB
The University of Queensland
Activation of cytokine receptors: Turning on micromachines

  Chair: Professor Tanya Munro Chair: Professor Istvan Toth Chair: A/Professor Jorge H Rodríguez
11:25am Professor Magnus Nyden Ian Wark Research Institute University of South Australia Dr Phil Kearney
Director Licensing and External Research MSD
Professor Sean Smith
School of Chemical Engineering, The University of New South Wales
Atomistic Simulations of Polymer, Water and Counter-ion structure and dynamics within Dendritic Vectors and Vector-siRNA Complexes
11:45pm Professor Michael Breadmore The University of Tasmania
Microfluidic devices with integrated nanochannels rapid detection of drugs in body fluids
Professor Robert Booy
The University of Sydney
Infectious disease threats: new and old!
Professor Mark Biggs
The University of Adelaide
Nanoporous layered graphene hydrogels with controlled pore sizes: Design, synthesis, characterization and applications
12:05pm Professor Gerard Cangelosi Global Health The University of Washington USA
Do what comes naturally: Exploiting microbial selection to improve molecular diagnosis
Professor Mark Kendall AIBN
The University of Queensland
Dr Marlies Hankel AIBN The University of Queensland 2D carbon membranes for application in gas separation and lithium ion batteries
12:25pm LUNCH
  Chair: Professor David Williams Chair: A/Professor Neena Mitter Chair: Professor Debra Bernhardt and Dr Amanda Barnard
1:25pm Professor Kate McGrath MacDiarmid Institute Victoria University
Strategies for fabrication of next generation bone implant materials
Professor Michael Butler University of Manitoba Canada
Control of Glycosylation in Cell Bioprocesses for protein or virus production
Experimental-Computational Network Session
Experimentalists are welcome to come along with a problem that might be able to be solved using theory/computation. A panel of modelers will discuss how/what could be done – and what kind of modelers might make good collaborators for that problem.
1:45pm Professorr Geoff Willmott The University of Auckland New Zealand
Bionano Applications for Tunable Resistive Pulse Sensing
Professor Nikolai Petrovsky Flinders University
Deciphering the structure-function relationship of delta inulin polysaccharide semicrystalline vaccine adjuvant
2:05pm Professor Tanya Monro Institute for Photonics & Advanced Sensing (IPAS) University of Adelaide Dr Rodney Carbis International Vaccine Institute Korea
Development of a Typhoid Conjugate Vaccine: a presentation platform for protein antigens
  Chair: Professor Kate McGrath Chair: Professor Michael (Chengzhong) Yu India-Australia "Vaccines for Development" Chair: Dr Amanda Barnard
2:55pm Professor Simon Biggs
Executive Dean
Faculty of Engineering, Architecture & Information Technology
The University of Queensland
Size Controlled Colloidosomes for the Delivery of Insecticides
A/Professor Neena Mitter QAAFI The University of Queensland Professor Irene Yarovsky RMIT University
Interactions of nanomaterials with biomolecules: insights from simulations
3:15pm Professor David Williams
University of Auckland
Nano-structured conducting polymers for high-sensitivity DNA measurement
Dr Mariusz Skwarczynski School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences
The University of Queensland Nano and microparticle-based vaccine candidates to induce humoral and cellular immune responses.
Professor Debra Bernhardt AIBN The University of Queensland
Non-Equilibrium Simulations: Property Predictions using Novel Computational Approaches
3:35pm Professor Hossein Hosseinkhani National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Taiwan
Following Three in One Nanomaterials:
Stealth, Targeting, Tracking and Imaging for Cancer Treatment
A/Professor Subhash Verma CSK Himachal Pradesh Agricultural University India
Status of Veterinary Vaccines in India: Nano-Boost for Mega Outcomes

Dr. Herbert Treutlein
Co-Founder and CEO
Computist Bio-Nanotech
Computational Molecular Design and Research by a Commercial Contract Research Organisation

3:55pm Professor Matt Trau AIBN The University of Queensland
Nanoscaled Molecular Transducers: Some new ideas for capturing rare molecules and cells
Professor Vandana Patravale, Pharmaceutics Institute of Chemical Technology India
Nanostructured Lipid Carriers: Potential as a Vaccine Adjuvant
Professor Dave Winkler
Integrated, high throughput methods for discovering bioactive polymers
4:15pm CLOSING


Thursday 10 July 2014
  Stream 1: Room 301 Stream 2: Auditorium Stream 3: Room 502 Stream 4: Room 313A
8:30am Conference Registrations
8:45am PLENARY: Professor Tom Healy AO
University of Melbourne
The Interfacial Science of Bio-Nano Systems.. Something old, new, borrowed and blue
  Chair: Professor Matt Trau
  Synthetic Biology Early-Career Researcher Session
  Chair: Dr Colin Scott and Dr Claudia Vickers  
9:45am Dr Lawrence Lee, Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute
Artificial synthesis of complex biological nanomachines with DNA origami nanostructure scaffolds
Dr Rob Ameloot
University of Leuven, Belgium
Metal-organic frameworks: defect visualization, photodeposition and matrices for microfabrication
Dr Kang Liang
CSIRO Australia
Nanoengineered Switchable, Multi-Responsive Carriers for Controlled Drug Delivery
Dr Luigi Sasso
University of Canterbury, New Zealand
Amyloid protein nanofibrils: conquering the challenges of nanocharacterization
10:05am Professor Ian Small
The University of Western Australia
The potential for engineering organelle gene expression with synthetic RNA binding proteins
Dr Akihiro Kishimura
University of Tokyo, Japan
Development of novel therapeutic nano-devices based on polyion complex vesicles (PICsomes)
Dr Thi Xuan Le
Murdoch University, Perth
Anodic aluminium oxide membranes and composites in tissue engineering applications
Mr Siddarth Jambhrunkar
The University of Queensland
Influence of Surface functionality of Silica Nanoparticles on Cytotoxicity and Cell Uptake
10:25am Professor Julian Eaton-Rye
University of Otago, New Zealand
Solar energy conversion by cyanobacteria: opportunities and challenges
Mr Stefano Meliga
The University of Queensland
A validated computational approach to study skin mechanical interaction with dynamically-applied microneedle and microprojection arrays
Dr Amanda Pearce
The University of Queensland
Functional Hyperbranched Polymers for Prostate Cancer Theranostics
Professor Xirong Huang
Shandong University, China
Fabrication of nanoporous metal materials
for biosensing applications
10:45am Dr Thomas Vanhercke
Oilseed triacylglycerol yields from plant leaves
Dr Roey Elnathan
University of South Australia
Engineering silicon nanowire arrays for delivering biomolecular cargos to mammalian cells
Dr Veeran Chauhan
University of Nottingham, UK
The Acid Test for 'Nature's Gift to Science' – Application of pH-Sensitive Nanosensors to Map the Intestinal pH of Caenorhabditis elegans
Mr Tim McCubbin
The University of Queensland
Using Systems Biology to Model and Understand Weak Acid and pH Stress Responses
11:35am Professor Lars Nielsen
The University of Queensland
Metabolic and Regulatory Models for Synthetic Biology Design
Dr Peter Roth
University of New South Wales
Well-defined Stimulus-responsive (Co)Polymers though Postpolymerization Modification: Novel Hydrophobically Modified Zwitterionic Copolymers
Dr Luke Connal
University of Melbourne
Enzyme inspired catalysts
Dr Majid Ebrahimi Warkiani
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
Clinical validation of a novel microfluidic chip for enrichment and characterization of circulating tumour cells
11:55am Dr Keith Shearwin
The University of Adelaide
Quantitation of interactions between two DNA loops in E. coli confirms the loop-domain model of insulator action
Ms Prarthana Rewatkar
The University of Queensland
Are caveolae a cellular entry route for peptide based therapeutics delivery systems?
Dr Orane Guillaume-Gentil
ETH Zürich, Switzerland
Single-Cell Manipulation by Fluidic Force Microscopy
Dr Frances Pearson
The University of Queensland
Rapid and transient inflammatory cell infiltration of skin in response to microtrauma and antigen deposition following Nanopatch immunisation
12:15pm Dr Claudia Vickers
The University of Queensland
From biology to industry: metabolic engineering for isoprenoid production
Dr Jacky Loo
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Use of a Tunable Resistive Pulse Sensing System to Detect Drug Response from the Mitochondria at Organelle Level
Mr Karan Gulati
University of Adelaide
"In-bone therapeutic implants": concept, fabrication and drug release
Mr Dominic Ho
The University of Western Australia
Nanoparticle Arrays via Capillary Force Lithography as Potential Biochip Platforms
12:35pm A/Professor Oliver Rackham
The University of Western Australia
Artificial protein scaffolds for programmable RNA recognition
Mr Ganesh Kokil
The University of Queensland
A Modified siRNA-Based Therapeutic Platform against the Hepatic PTPN1 Gene and its Potential Application in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM)
Dr Dmitry Ovchinnikov
The University of Queensland
A novel portable reporter allowing for efficacious isolation of functional human pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes
Miss Camila Orellana
The University of Queensland
A systems biology approach to improve host cells for biopharmaceutical production
12:55pm LUNCH
1:55pm A/Professor David Ackerley
Victoria University, New Zealand
Biosynthesis and biodiscovery of novel peptides using engineered non-ribosomal peptide synthetase enzymes
Dr Margaret Hardy
The University of Queensland
Insecticidal peptides: discovery, activity, and potential for nanoformulation
Dr Anthony Granville
University of New South Wales
Expanding the Polydopamine Self-Polymerisation System to New Quinone Structures for the Synthesis of "Green" Polymer Coatings
Dr Muhammed Shiddiky
The University of Queensland
Tunable "Nanoshearing": A Physical Mechanism to Displace Non-specifically Adsorbed Biological Species
2:15pm Dr Monica Gerth
University of Otago, New Zealand
New parts for synthetic biology:
discovery and design of novel chemoreceptors
Dr Sharath Siriam
RMIT University, Melbourne
Functional oxide and nanomaterials for electronics and sensing
Dr Amir Popat
The University of Queensland
Programmable nanoparticles for site-specific oral drug delivery
Mr Calum Kinnear
Adolphe Merkle Institute, Switzerland
Nanoparticle-Cell interaction: Isolating the "shape" factor
2:35pm Dr Colin Scott
Synthetic Polymers from Synthetic Biology
Dr Nick Reynolds
ILQINS Hexapeptide, Identified in Lysozyme Left-Handed Helical
Ribbons and Nanotubes, Forms Right-Handed Helical Ribbons and
Dr Peggy Chan
RMIT University, Melbourne
Injectable Hydrogel Scaffold with Tailorable Porosity Post-Implantation for Tissue Engineering
Dr Yan Jiao
University of Adelaide
Toward the Design of Metal-free Electrocatalyst for Clean Energy Conversion: DFT Studies
2:55pm Dr Victoria Haritos CSIRO
Re-designing a mesophilic enzyme into an extreme halotolerant biocatalyst
Mr Ali Malekizadeh
Algae Biotechnology Laboratory
The University of Queensland
Hydrate filtration for concentration of natural extracts and separation of hydrophobic compounds
Dr Eugene Wee
The University of Queensland
Detecting DNA methylation at CpG resolution without sequencing
Dr Darren Korbie
The University of Queensland
'Less is more' in clinical cancer pathology: Quality assessment of benchtop sequencing as a tool for rapid molecular profiling of breast cancer patients
3:45pm A/Professor Stephen Mahler
The University of Queensland Molecular engineering and synthesis of targeted nanoparticles for cancer therapy
Dr Nani Wibowo
The University of Queensland
Engineering rapid-response low-cost nanovaccines
Dr Zhongfan Jia
The University of Queensland
Thermoresponsive Copolymer Nanostructures: Preparation through Emulsion Polymerization and Temperature Directed Morphology Transformation (TDMT)
Dr Dominic Glover
University of California, USA
Geometrical assembly of ultrastable protein templates for nanomaterials
4:05pm Professor Elizabeth Gillam
The University of Queensland
Evolving promiscuous drug-metabolising cytochrome P450 enzymes for use as biocatalysts
Ms Yusilawati Ahmad Nor
The University of Queensland
Hollow mesoporous silica for the delivery of antibiotics
Dr Mariusz Skwarczynski
The University of Queensland
Nano and microparticle-based vaccine candidates to induce humoral and cellular immune responses
Mr Nathan Boase
The University of Queensland
Development of a Multimodal Hyperbranched Polymer Imaging Agent
4:25pm Professor Kirill Alexandrov IMB/AIBN The University of Queensland
In vitro reconstitution and analysis of protein interaction networks
Ms Martina Abrigo
Swinburne University of Technology, Australia
Development of Nanofibrous Meshes as Smart Dressings for the Healing of Chronic Wounds
Ms Morteza Aramesh
University of Melbourne
Enhanced Detection of DNA Hybridization using Nanoporous Diamond-like Carbon Membrane
Mr Chenghung Chang
The University of Queensland
Potent immunogenicity of lipopeptide-based anti-ganodotropin releasing hormone (GnRH) vaccine candidates
4:45pm Professor Sakkie Pretorius
Macquarie University
Designing and building a synthetic yeast genome
Special Keynote: Professor Leslie Yeo
Chemical Engineering, RMIT University
Microfluidic Nebulisation of Nanoaerosols and Nanoparticles
for Inhaled Gene Delivery



Professor Matt Trau - AIBN, The University of Queensland
Dr Keith McLean - CSIRO

Members of the International Advisory Committee

Previous Chairs of the International NanoBio Conferences:
Professor Kazunori Kataoka
Professor Kyung-Hwa Yoo
Professor Pat Stayton 
Professor Marcus Textor
Professor Matt Trau
Dr Keith McLean

Scientific Advisory Committee

Current & Previous Chairs of the International NanoBio Conferences:

Professor Kazunori Kataoka
Professor Kyung-Hwa Yoo
Professor Pat Stayton 
Professor Marcus Textor
Professor Matt Trau
Dr Keith McLean