Lisa Jacob1, Christoph Ruppert1, Matthias Kohl1, and Hans-Peter Deigner*1,2


1Furtwangen University, Medical and Life Sciences Faculty, Jakob-Kienzle-Str. 17
D-78054 Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany, Institute of Precision Medicine
2Fraunhofer Institute IZI, Leipzig, EXIM Department, Schillingallee 68, D-18057 Rostock, Germany


If conventional bioprobes are used as receptor molecules for lateral flow immunoassays (LFIAs) the number of detected parameters is limited by the number of test lines. The information achieved from each test line can be tripled by using fluorescent bioprobes emitting different wavelength, e.g. green, orange and red. Consequently, more different parameters can be investigated in one LFIA. Due to their favorable properties quantum dots are promising candidates for this application. Advantages include sharp and adjustable emission bands, the possibility to excite them together at a single wavelength and low photo bleaching. There is additional evidence, that fluorescent particles as bioprobes decreases the limit of detection and enables quantification in LFIA.

We are exploiting these properties for the development of a LFIA detecting sepsis biomarkers. Due to the complex pathophysiology of sepsis there is evidence that determination of multiple biomarkers at the time can compensate the low sensitivity and specificity of single biomarkers. Thus, determination of three biomarkers with one LFIA can be helpful. So far, we are able to determine two biomarkers (CRP and IL-6) simultaneously by a read-out via plot imager. A third color (coupled with PCT) currently is implemented. Further tests will show whether the read-out can be performed by a portable device via smartphone imaging.


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Hans-Peter Deigner


Furtwangen University and Fraunhofer Institute IZI, Leipzig, EXIM, Rostock, Germany

Phone: +49 7720 307 4232 Fax: +49 7720 307 4725 E-mail:

Research interests: Nanoparticles in dignostics and therapy; Nanopore sequencing


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