Yanze Wei, Xiaoxian Zhao, Ranbo Yu, Huijun Zhao, Dan Wang*


Institute of Process Engineering, CAS, Beijing China
University of Science and Technology Beijing, China
Centre for Clean Environment and Energy, Gold Coast Campus, Griffith University


The future development of lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) is largely hindered by the lower capacity of cathode material. Owning to its high theoretical capacity, V2O5 has been widely considered as an attractive cathode material candidate for LIBs. However, its poor structural stability induced by irreversible phase transitions upon deep discharge limited its application in LIBs. In this article, through an innovative synthetic approach that combines the competitive anions-adsorption with a Trojan catalytic combustion process, multi-shelled V2O5 hollow microsphere (MS-V2O5-HMS) and other metal oxide MS-HMSs were achieved, greatly enriching the variety of multi-shelled oxide family. Moreover, benefited from its structural superiorities, MS- V2O5-HMS exhibited record-high specific capacities, remarkable rate capability and excellent cycling stability (447.9 and 402.4 mAh/g for the 1st and 100th cycle at 1000 mA/g, respectively). Such performance improvements significantly amend the wide capacity gap between the cathode and anode, opening up a new avenue for new generation LIBs develop



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