Kerstin Emmrich1, Sabine Rauth1, Matthew Hardy1, Andrew Hammet1, Veronika Rayzman1, Chao-Guang Chen1, Irene Kiess1, Daria Kurtov1,Shirley Taylor1, Catherine Tarlinton1, Steve Dower1, Arna Andrews1, Michael Wilson1, Con Panousis1*

1CSL Limited, Research & Development, Melbourne, Australia


Expression of proteins on the surface of phage, bacteria and yeast is widely used for selection and affinity maturation of antibodies and other binding proteins. However, these systems can fail to express some complex proteins, possibly due to protein misfolding or incorrect post-translational modifications. We established a mammalian surface display platform which couples surface expression of proteins with single-site genomic integration of the expression construct.  Using fluorescence-activated cell sorting, improved binders can be isolated from libraries of variants. To test our approach, libraries of vWF variants were generated via error-prone PCR and screened for improved binding to coagulation factor VIII. Several improved binding variants were identified demonstrating the utility of the platform. We are also using our display technology to identify variants of HSA for improved binding to human FcRn/β2m at acidic pH. 



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Name: Con Panousis, PhD

Title: Director, Antibody Technologies

Affiliation: CSL Limited

Country: Australia

Phone: +61 3 9389 1281 E-mail:


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