Athanasia A. Septevani1,2, Khairatun Najwa Mohd Amin1,3, David A.C. Evans1, Nasim Amiralian1, Liam Pooley1, Johnny Ho4, Liying Shao5, Darren J. Martin1 and Pratheep K. Annamalai1*


1 The University of Queensland, Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, Brisbane, QLD, Australia
2Indonesian Institute of Sciences, Research Center for Chemistry, Serpong –Tangerang Selatan 15314, Indonesia.
3Universiti Malaysia Pahang, Faculty of Chemical Engineering & Natural Resources, Lebuhraya Tun Razak, 26300 Gambang Kuantan, Pahang D.M. Malaysia.



Nanocellulose is a new class of sustainable nanomaterials that are typically obtained by carefully deconstructing the most-abundant lignocellulosic biomass into nanoscale level. Due to their excellent specific mechanical properties, high surface with tunable functionalities, and better optical properties at nanoscale level, they are explored for several industrial, value-added applications. The presentation will be demonstrate the use of nanocellulose as a functional additive in thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU)1, rigid polyurethane foam (RPUF)2, cementitous and bituminous materials for enhancing the thermal insulation, rheological and mechanical properties. For example, incorporation of only 0.4 wt.% of rod-like cotton nanocellulose in a polyether based RPUF has improved the thermal insulation performance by 5% and the compressive mechanical properties  up to 9 -11 %.2-3 Similarly, the incorporation of 0.5 wt. % of spinifex nanocellulose in to TPU has improved tensile strength 43 %.  Further, the discussion will be made on the sustainable and low-energy consuming deconstruction methods for the production of nanocellulose with different morphologies a common cellulose sources cotton, wood and a unique grass source called ‘spinifex’ endemic to Australian continent.4-5 It will also include the organic-solvent free methods for incorporating cellulose in to polymers.



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Biographic details

Name: Pratheep Kumar Annamalai,

Title: Advance Queensland Research Fellow (Mid)

Affiliation Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (AIBN)-UQ

Research interests: Sustainable Polymers, Nanoenabled Building and Construction Materials




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