Peter J. Hudson (Director, Victorian Cancer Biologics (VCB) and Chief Scientist, Avipep Pty Ltd)


VCB and Avipep Pty Ltd, 343 Royal Parade, Parkville, Victoria 3052, Australia. Tel 0409806221.


Immunotherapies are now providing unprecendented therapeutic benefits across many cancer indications, with the most spectacular advances only in the last 5 years. This presentation will summarise the latest immunotherapy strategies, from 3rd generation, drug-loaded antibodies (ADCs) to check-point inhibitors and beyond to the latest Car-T (active antibody-retargeted T-cells). The antibodies are all uniquely Bio-Nano-engineered to provide precise structural features and pharmacokinetic properties. For the next generation of ADC therapeutics, Avipep designed and produced Diabodies (AvibodiesTM) with unique surface disulphides for precise loading of either cytotoxic drug payloads (ADC-therapy) or radionuclides (for PET-imaging/ RIT-therapy). With PEGylation, Tag72-targeting diabodies demonstrated remarkable xenograft-tumour uptake >70% ID/g over 24-48hrs with fast blood clearance and low kidney uptake (<10% ID/gm). GMP-manufacture has exceeded 1gm/litre in bacterial fermentation and the diabody is stable for >36 months. A first-in-man Phase-1 Biodistribution (124-I PET imaging) trial in prostate/ovarian cancer was completed in 2015, demonstrating PEG-diabodies delivered high tumour loads in metastatic disease, with no specific uptake in normal tissues, no adverse events nor immunogenicity.  Metastases were identified within 1-2 days and tumor-load persisted for 7 days with ideal tumor:blood ratios, AUC and T½ beta of ~48 hrs. The clinical trial validated PEG-diabodies for imaging cancer or for delivery of radioisotopes (RIT) or cytotoxic drug payloads (ADC). Preclinical xenograft evaluation with the latest ADC/RIT therapeutic formulations will be reported.



AEB Auditorium