Md. D. Hossain and Michael J. Monteiro


Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, University of Queensland, Australia  


Design and synthesis of complex polymer architectures is a promising field in polymer chemistry to produce new materials with unprecedented macroscopic properties.[i]  Recent advances in 'living' radical polymerization and polymer coupling chemistries has facilitated the fabrication of new polymer topologies.2 Among different topologies, cyclic polymer have attracted great interest in the polymer field both from a synthetic and, more particularly, from a property point of view.3 Cyclic polymers with knots can be used as a model system to explain the stability and mobility of cyclic biomacromolecules. In this work, we have designed cyclic polymer structures with 0 to 3 irreversible knots (altered with 4 to 6 arms) located at strategic sites to control the shape and stiffness of the polymer coil. In dilute solution, the anisotropic polymers (i.e. with ellipsoidal shape) gave a measurably higher hydrodynamic radius due to their rotational (i.e. tumbling) motion. In bulk conditions, the glass transition temperature (Tg) was greatly influenced by the number of knots/arms and location of knot. This data suggests that the greater compactness, anisotropy and higher Tg of knotted cyclic polymers provide a physical basis for understanding greater stability of knotted cyclic biological macromolecules against enzymatic degradation and denaturation.


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2 M. D. Hossain, Z. Jia, and M. J. Monteiro, Macromolecules 2014, 47, 4955−4970.

3 McLeish, T. Science 2002, 297 (5589), 2005−2006.


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Research interests: Polymer topologies and properties, Thermoresponsive polymer, Hydrogel membrane, Synthesis of nanoscale materials, drug delivery, organic inorganic hybrid nanocomposites, living radical polymerization.


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