The International Conference on Bio-Nano Innovation (ICBNI 2017) to be held on The University of Queensland campus in September 2017 will present the latest advances in the most exciting and commercially-promising area of science and engineering, i.e. the interface between the biological and physical sciences at the nanoscale. Science and technology at the Bio-Nano Interface is delivering not only new understanding of our world, but is being translated into valuable products in a vast array of areas, such as microelectronics, biologics and other therapeutics, stem cell therapies, new vehicles and approaches to delivering drugs, advanced diagnostics tools, nanocomposites, etc., etc. The ICBNI brings world leaders in the relevant fields to discuss their latest results and the latest advances in the field. A particular focus of the conference will be an exploration of the path from invention to commercial realisation, and the scientific sessions will therefore focus on that translational pathway.

We invite you to be a part of ICBNI 2017, and to use this opportunity to meet world-leading scientists and to learn of the latest trends in this exciting and dynamic field.

ICBNI 2017 is hosted by the Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology.

Conference Venue

The Conference will be held in the University of Queensland's Advanced Engineering Building.

Advanced Engineering Building - AEB (Building 49), is located on Staff Road, The University of Queensland, St. Lucia; coordinates K - 10 on this UQ map.  

The AEB features a 500-seat, state-of-the-art lecture theatre, as well as active learning laboratories, student spaces, and contemporary research facilities. The AEB is a unique facility designed to facilitate interaction within the natural environment of UQ's St Lucia campus, and dramatically reduce energy consumption.

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The University of Queensland

ICBNI 2017 will be held at The University of Queensland within the stunning Advanced Engineering Building.

The $130 million building is a triumph of architecture and science, merging into the one building. Situated at the University's St Lucia campus, the Advanced Engineering Building opened in 2013 and features a 500-seat auditorium and 20,000m2 gross floor space.

Situated next to the picturesque UQ Lakes, the conference location will allow delegates to relax between sessions, as well as the ideal opportunity explore the St Lucia campus. The campus is a research hub, and is home to numerous institutes and centres - including host institution the Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (AIBN). The University of Queensland sits in the global top 50 university rankings, and the conference provides the chance for researchers to extend their professional networks within a world class institution.

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A Week of Celebration of Scientific Excellence and Gender Equity in STEMM

The bio-nano sciences are not only exciting scientifically, but have been identified by international scientific and commercial leaders as essential enablers of our future industries.

The week of 24th to 29th September will bring world leading scientists to Brisbane, including the Australian Nobel Laureate, Prof Elizabeth Blackburn and 2017 Australian of the year Prof Alan Mackay-Sim. The week of scientific celebration will provide a focus on the importance of the biomedical and nanomaterials sciences to our future economies. A number of events will celebrate in particular the participation of women in STEMM. In addition, we acknowledge the value we place on our international collaborations. Industry participation will be extensive, with scientific sessions designed to highlight the pathway to commercial benefits to society.

International Symposium on Stem Cell Ageing and Regenerative Engineering

International Symposium on Stem Cell Ageing and Regenerative Engineering, to be held on Sunday 24th September. The keynote speaker will be Prof Elizabeth Blackburn, Australian-born and educated Director of the Salk Institute and 2009 Nobel laureate in physiology and medicine.

The symposium is hosted by UQ’s Centre in Stem Cell Ageing and Regenerative Engineering (UQ-StemCARE), a recently launched strategic initiative by UQ with a focus on unravelling the key molecular mechanisms of stem cell ageing, and engineering clinical solutions in regenerative medicine for increasing health span and healthy ageing. 

More information can be obtained from the workshop co-ordinator, Dr Brit Winnen.

International Conference on BioNano Innovation

International Conference on BioNano Innovation running from 24th to 27th September, which will present the latest advances in the most exciting and commercially-promising area of science and engineering: the interface between the biological and physical sciences at the nanoscale. Around 500 scientific leaders from Australia and beyond will attend this exciting event.

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Dinner- In conversation with Nobel laureate Professor Elizabeth Blackburn

Dinner- In conversation with Nobel laureate Professor Elizabeth Blackburn, at UQ Customs House on the evening of 25th September. The theme of the dinner will be the promotion of participation of women in the STEMM subjects. A meet-and-greet by female high school students with Prof Blackburn will be held prior to the dinner.

More information can be obtained from Lauren O'Keeffe from UQ, Office of Marketing and Communications. 

China-Australia-CSIRO Polymer Meeting

China-Australia-CSIRO Polymer Meeting on 28th and 29th September, will bring together outstanding figures in this enabling field, to promote scientific collaboration and exchange of young scientists. Leading scientists from Chinese C9 universities and the Chinese Academy of Sciences will be attending.

More information is available from Dr Hui Peng.

National Workshop on “Biomedical Applications of Engineered Antibodies and Proteins”

National Workshop on “Biomedical Applications of Engineered Antibodies and Proteins”, to be held on 29th September, bringing together leading companies in the biopharmaceutical industries. The workshop is hosted by the UQ-based ARC Centre for Biopharmaceutical Innovation, a recently established initiative aiming at supporting these important industries.

More information is available from Nancy Eluigwe.

Visiting Australia

The conference will be located in Brisbane, Australia

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A letter of invitation can be provided to registered delegates upon request. To obtain a letter of invitation please email registrations@icbni.com.au.

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Transport & Accomodation

The University of Queensland St Lucia Campus is easily accessible via public transport. If you wish to drive, please be advised that parking is on a first come, first served basis. Using public transport is advisable for first time visitors. For more information visit the how to get there page.

How to get there

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