2017 Program


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Sunday the 24th of September


12:30 pm - Registration opens



5:00 pm - PLENARY: Professor Elizabeth Blackburn

Director, Salk Institute

Roles of Telomere Biology in Human Healthspan and Disease

6:00 pm - Welcome Reception


Monday the 25th of September



8:30am - PLENARY: Professor Sam Stupp

Director, Simpson Querrey Institute for BioNanotechnology, Northwestern University

BioNanotechnology and Living-Like Soft Materials



11:00am - Morning Tea

11:30am - PLENARY: Professor Geri Richmond

Presidential Chair in Science and Professor of Chemistry, University of Oregon

Mulling over Molecular Assembly at Emulsion Surfaces

12:30pm - Lunch

Special lunchtime presentations

“Sigma Free Web Toolbox - Interactive Calculators, Search Explorers,  and Resources”
Speakers: Jenny McShane, Segment Marketing Specialist, Merck, Australia.
Rodman Chan, Technical Service Support Officer, Sigma, Australia.

“High resolution sizing and concentration measurements of nanoparticles using NTA”
Speaker: Dr Will Lawler, ATA Scientific




3:30pm - Afternoon Tea


5:00pm - PLENARY: Professor Wilhelm Huck

Professor of Physical Organic Chemistry, Radboud University Nijmegen

Building a Synthetic Cell


6:00 pm - AIBN Student Association Event

Tuesday the 26th of September



8:30am - PLENARY: Professor Ian Frazer

Professor Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, The University of Queensland

HPV vaccines – a success story for nanobiology



11:00am - Morning Tea


11:30am - PLENARY: Professor Melissa Little

Group Leader: Kidney Development, Disease and Regeneration, Murdoch Childrens Research Institute

Directing pluripotent stem cells to kidney: an exemplar of the future of stem cell medicine


12:30pm - Lunch

Special lunchtime presentations

 “Accelerating results with better expertise and infrastructure”
Speaker: Dr Jane Kenna, Australian National Fabrication Facility – QLD.




3:30pm - Afternoon Tea

5:00pm - PLENARY: Professor Alan Mackay-Sim

Emeritus Professor, Griffith University 2017 Australian of the Year


Wednesday the 27th of September



8:30am - PLENARY: Professor Johan Hofkens

Professor, KULeuven

Fluorocode, a superresolution optical map of DNA


11:00am - Morning Tea

12:15pm - Lunch


3:30pm - Afternoon Tea

5:00pm - PLENARY: Professor Heather Maynard

Director of the Chemistry Biology Interface Training Program, UCLA

Sweet Stabilizers: Glycopolymer Conjugates and Nanogels for Therapeutic Protein Delivery


6:00 pm - Banquet



8:30am - China-Australia-CSIRO Polymer Meeting (CAPM4)

Satellite Event